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A beautiful blonde with great hair - Most of us have heard this line probably a million times. Whether you are a man with great aspirations of taking home a blonde bride or a lady with blonde hair, there is a lot you can learn about the color blonde and being blonde. On the other hand, if you are one blessed with blonde hair, you are sure to be the envy of many. From Marilyn Blonde to Madonna, blonde hair has been the favourite many, whether natural or dyed.

The history and mystery of blonde hair

Blondes are usually known as fair-haired, a colour that is a result of low levels of eumelanin, the dark pigment. Shades vary from a pale blonde to reddish and golden brown hues. The term 'blonde' was first used way back in 1481 to describe a colour between golden and light chestnut. Others are of the opinion that the word is derived from the Medieval Latin word, blundus. No matter what, the term 'blonde' is a feminine adjective that aptly describes a woman with blonde hair. Interestingly, natural blonde is common in children as the hair colour tends to turn to a brown or brunette shade with age.

Gentleman prefer blondes

Many people of European descent, especially in northern Europe, can be found with varying shades of blonde hair. The colour results from the gene MC1R that has seven variants. One of the main reasons for the evolution of light hair is a deficiency in vitamin D due to lack of sunlight in northern Europe. Recent studies also suggest that an amino acid change in TYRP1 also results in blonde hair that can be found in people from the Solomon Islands. Many also argue that blonde hair evolved quickly towards the end of the ice age since women with blonde hair and blue eyes were found to be more sexually attractive. No matter what, blonde hair is common among Caucasians while many people around the globe turn to natural hair dyes for that blonde look. In central and south Asia you will find a number of natural blonds among a few ethnic populations. Escorts with blonde hair colour are in great demand in the UK.

The many shades of blonde

There are many varieties of blonde hair. Flaxen blonde is referred to as a very light blonde without any hint of red, brown, or gold. Sandy, dark blonde hair is considered a neutral colour that does not contain any golden hue although it may have a hint of yellow tones. The colour is perfect for cool skin tones. This shade usually looks brown in winter. Strawberry blonde is ideal for people with warmer skin tones. People with this type of hair colour have a distinct golden shade with a strong reddish tint to it. The intensity varies from light to dark strawberry blonde which is similar to red hair. Platinum blonde is the lightest shade in blonde hair and is rarely found naturally. This type of colour is ideal for those with a short haircut. Many people bleach their hair to a lighter colour and apply a toner to get the platinum effect. Medium golden blonde is one of the most common shades ideal for a warm skin tone. There are many shades in between which include dirty blonde, a dark blonde with specks of golden blonde and brown. Ash blonde, a pale or greyish blonde is also a popular choice with many people today.

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