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Brown hair is one of the most common hair colours found in people of Indo-European, West Asian, West Eurasian, and others parts of Asia. With people migrating across continents you will find a number of brunettes in many places in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa as well. Brown hair is characterised by a higher level of eumelanin, a dark pigment combined with lower levels of pheomelanin, a pale pigment. People have their varied opinion about brunettes when it comes to culture. Many men find brown haired lasses to be sophisticated, competent, independent and serious. Others say they are more humble and down to earth.

Brunettes the world over

A lady with brown hair is most often referred to as a brunette while a male counterpart is referred to as a brunet. The term brunette means 'brown-haired girl', derived from the German term brunaz meaning brown. There are many light and darker shades of brown hair. Light brown shades are common in northern and central Europe while many people in the British isles, Australia, Canada, and the US feature light and medium brown shades. Latin Americans are also known for its predominantly large population of brunettes, which includes Argentina and Chile. You will find a variety of shades of brown hair in Ireland as well. Escorts with brunette hair colour have a universal appeal and are loved by men in the UK.

Different shades of brunette

While there are many shades of brunette, the four common hues are cinnamon, chocolate, ash, and nut. Cinnamon is the lightest shade that looks best on curly and straight hair as well. The shade is the ideal way to flatter a fair skin tone. Chocolate is a darker tone of brunette with works well with fair as well as olive skin tones. For those with straight hair, chocolate brunette is the perfect colour. Brunette ash colours are ideal for covering gray hair and provide more definition to the hair. There are brunette shades the same colour of walnuts and chestnuts. These are usually medium to dark shades with a reddish highlight.

Highlighting trends for brunettes

Brunettes have a variety of choices when it comes to highlighting. However, if you are a brunette highlighting your hair is a lot more difficult than if you were a blonde. To begin with, you need to bleach the strands of hair you intend to highlight. Once these dark strands are lightened you go ahead with the highlight colour. You aren't spoiled for choice when it comes to colours. From shades of blue to violet and dark blonde and auburn, the key is to choose a colour depending on the look you desire. Darker shades of brown are perfect for a natural look while shiny colours and lighter shades of fuchsia, gold, strawberry, and honey can help you achieve just the opposite effect.

With many celebrities turning to darker hair colours, brunettes are definitely in the spotlight once again. One of the best things about being a brunette is that it gives your hair a rich feeling and has depth. No matter what your choice of highlights or colours, make sure to choose natural products that won't harm your hair. In addition, make sure you go to a reputed salon that knows how to treat your hair with respect.

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