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OWO in the Boss's Office.

A lot of the best London Escorts genuinely love to give OWO to their clients, and London Escort Julia was no exception. The taste of a big meaty cock filling up her whole mouth, followed by a healthy dollop of juicy-tasting cum, really made Julia's day.

Julia had been practicing her oral and OWO skills at every opportunity, and she was fast becoming the go-to London Escort for the best OWO with CIM around for miles. As a result, Julia was always in high-demand by discerning clients wanting sweet relief with her amazing skills at giving expert head.

Sometimes, Julia had special clients with tough jobs who worked long hours, and needed to simply de-stress after a hard days work. They didn't have time for a lengthy outcall appointment, so they would arrange a date in their office building after-hours when most of their colleagues had already gone home. London Escort Julia would spend no more than 30 minutes at the appointment, and would leave with a throatful of hot sticky cum.

James had had an especially taxing day. His boss had been on his case all week, there were two very annoying clients on the phone that took up over three hours with their ridiculous demands, and he had a stack of paperwork a mile high to do, that was probably going to take up most of the weekend and the start of next week, if he was lucky. That weekend away with the boys was just going to have to wait. Goddamit he needed to relax.

James looked out of the window in his high-rise office building, it was getting dark already, he should have been home hours ago but there was too much to do. He closed his eyes and listened to the sounds around him: calm white-noise from the hum of computer terminals, the faint shrill of a telephone ringing in a distant office, and wait for it'nothing else! No voices. No colleagues. No BOSS. James took his thick navy pinstripe jacket off and loosened his tie. It felt good. He looked around, there was no-one except the elderly cleaner doing her thing on the far side of the floor, completely oblivious.

He needed a break, but he also needed to get some more work done. James hadn't felt relaxed in quite a while, and he figured a quick orgasm would be just the thing. It was no good trying to download a horny movie for some delicious D.I.Y., because the office PC's were all blocked against porn sites (probably a good thing, he mused, otherwise we'd never get any work done). Fuck! He needed it now. Then a brainwave struck. Could he? Should he?? Would he really get away with it?? He glanced around the entire floor and ceilings thoroughly, there didn't seem to be any cameras, and the security personnel on the ground floor were easy to bribe with a beer. James picked up the telephone and called the Sure Delights London Escort Agency?

He described what he wanted: tall, slender, dark haired and discrete. She had to be smartly dressed, and offer OWO. He informed them it would be a short appointment.

When London Escort Julia was given the appointment by her Agency Sure Delights, she was thrilled. Julia knew what was expected of her, and relished the opportunity. As she entered the gigantic glass building, the security guard winked at her knowingly, and she threw him a generous smile back. She would have to give him a business card on the way out, she thought. Julia got in the elevator to the 9th floor as instructed, and waited patiently as it climbed slowly. She surveyed her reflection in the panelled reflective glass. Tight knee-length black pencil skirt, matching black fitted jacket, and a red satin blouse unbuttoned just a little too far, so that the lace of her purple silk bra showed.

Julia wriggled out of her knickers and put them in her bag, wondering if there were any cameras in the lift. There were bound to be, in case of an emergency, and she smiled at the thought. London Escort Julia used the few seconds she had in the elevator to check her make-up and hair were perfect. They were. Julia was stunning, naturally dark with long flowing jet black hair, she had pinned it up into a severe bun, and model-looking legs that were flawless, smooth and naked this evening. Julia normally always wore sexy lace-top fishnet stockings, but a quickie appointment like this one warranted no fussing around.

James had obviously been waiting for her with anticipation, as he was there to greet her with a smile as she stepped out of the lift. He looked like he really needed to relax, thought Julia, as he led her to a plush minimalist office. There was a picture of a couple on the desk, she noted, and James saw her glance at it.

That's my boss and his wife?? he said. James sat in the comfy black leather swivel chair and gently pushed London Escort Julia down on to her knees in front of him. Julia wasted no time in unbuckling his belt and freeing his already hard cock from the boxershorts prison it had been constrained in all day. The fact that this was not even his office only added to her enjoyment.

Julia carefully rolled back his foreskin and rudely spit on the tip. James was shocked and groaned, far too impatient. Julia could sense his frustration, so she closed her pretty red lips gently over the impressive head and took him half the way down, without using her hands. James couldn't contain himself, he pushed her mouth down further and she let out a satisfying little gag.

Like all good London Escorts, Julia knew the trick to taking a hard shaft all the way down to the back of the throat. She adjusted carefully on her knees until her angle was positioned directly above his meaty member, and held on tightly to his thighs with deep red fingernails, pushing further and further onto him. James reached round to her tight bum and lifted her skirt so it was around her waist, pleasantly surprised to find her nakedness underneath. Julia has such a soft downy wet pussy and he rubbed over it with his fingers, stretching to reach.

James wanted to fuck her properly, to really abuse his position in his pig of a boss's office, so he pulled Julia up gently and guided her over the desk so that she was lying on her back, balanced delicately on the edge. London Escort Julia was always well prepared, so she pulled a condom out of her bra and rolled it on him without any fuss. James couldn't wait. Her pussy looked so inviting, so he opened her legs and plunged straight in. The relief on Julia's face was evident, she was ready. With his trousers still around his ankles, and shirt and tie still on, they screwed frantically with abandon right there on the desk, Julia holding on to his arse and pulling him into her roughly. Suddenly James pulled away from her, and ordered her on her knees again.

He stood, rolled off the condom and she took the whole length of him straight away in her tight warm mouth, going faster and faster over the handsome contours of his rock-hard cock, perfectly timing with his thrusts, helped by his hand pushing on the back of her head. When he came, it was right at the back of the throat, and she barely had time to taste it before swallowing every drop automatically. Julia looked at the ring of lipstick around his still-hard cock, stood up, wiped her mouth and kissed him full on the lips, without using her tongue. She could see she had given him exactly what he needed, and his face had softened, he was visibly relieved and satisfied.

As London Escort Julia made her way out of the building, she slid a Sure Delights business card along the security guard's counter. Even if James gave the security guard was given a blow-by-blow account of their encounter, she didn't mind at all, as it meant he would probably call for himself.


Busty London Escorts Paula was used to some fairly unusual requests from her clients. She was an experienced call girl, though to look at her you wouldn't think it. Her short brown hair, blue eyes and slim, girlish body made her look more like a shy girl next door than the horny and sexy London outcall and outcall escort she really was.

Perhaps it was the girlish, innocent look that had made John, her client, book her. He had, apparently, specified to the London escort agency, that he wanted a submissive escort girl who was willing to indulge in a little roleplay. Although Paula could be a dominant and horny mistress when she pleased, she preferred being submissive. And she loved roleplay.

But she wasn't quite sure what was happening when she arrived at his central London flat. He had a bagful of things, which held a freshly laundered outfit of some discription. It was a maid's uniform. John explained that his fantasy was to have sex with the sort of innocent and friendly girl that works as a waitress in a tea shop. Paula went into her bedroom to change into it. Then the sexy and horny young escort set up a small table in the middle of his living room. John had brought with him everything she needed, down to a menu card, cutlery, tea and cake.

They began the roleplay fantasy. John sat at the table, and read the menu card. After a few moments the sexy young outcall escort walked over to him and asked him if he would like to order. He asked for a cup of tea and a slice of chocolate cake. As she wrote down what he wanted on her pad, she noticed his hand disappear beneath the table cloth to massage what the sexy young escort imagined was a growing erection.

'Yes thankyou, young lady.'The roleplay continued. She served him tea and cake, which he ate. When he had finished, the cute young call girl walked over to him once again. 'Was that nice, sir?''Yes thankyou, my dear, it was lovely.''Will there be anything else?' She shifted her weight on to one foot so that her hips swung sexily at about his eye-level.''Um, actually there is. But it doesn't seem to be on the menu.''Don't worry about that, sir,' said the horny and sexy young escort. Getting into the role, she was getting quite aroused. 'Just ask, and I'll do my best to arrange it for you.''Ah, good,' he said. 'I like enthusiastic service.' Paula giggled, girlishly. 'In that case, I think I'll have some anal sex, please.''Certainly sir. Although I'm not very experienced...' The sexy and horny outcall escort girl did her best to look shy and nervous, though in truth she was by now dying to take her client's cock deep inside her tight young arse.'Don't worry about that, my girl - I'll make sure you do it properly! I'm something of an expert.'I'll bet you are, thought the horny escort, wishing he would stand up so that she could get a better idea of the size of his cock. Unlike a lot of escorts who didn't like really large cocks penetrating their anuses, as far as Paula was concerned, the bigger the better. 'How would you like me, sir?''Bent over the table, please. Naked, if you don't mind.'

Paula didn't mind at all. She quickly stripped herself out of the maid's uniform. As instructed by her London escorts agency, when they were briefing her about this appointment, she wasn't wearing really glamorous underwear underneath - just the kind of bra and pants an 18-year-old girl might wear while doing her Saturday job. Still in her underwear, she cleared the cups and saucers off the table so that she had a free space in which to lie. Then she went to a draw, and pulled out a tube of lubricant. She put it on the table.

'Perhaps you'll find it easier if you use that, sir. Now, would you like to take off my bra and pants, or shall I do it?'

John stood up, revealing that he'd already got his hard cock out of his trousers. Paula noticed that it was a very satisfactory seven inches or so, and hoped there would be time to take it in her pussy after the client had given it to her in the arse. Quickly, he took off her bra so that her large and sexy young breasts were free. Feeling them briefly, and apparently liking what he felt, he reached down and pulled off her knickers. The cute and horny young London outcall call girl did as she had been instructed, and bent over the table.

She felt him spread her arse cheeks. She shivered as he placed a dollop of lubricant right on the tight ring of her arse. Then came his cock. He made no attempt to be gentle, judging (correctly) that Paula was used to taking cock up her arse. He sank in all the way. She loved the full feeling that having a cock penetrating her anus gave her. He began to fuck the horny escort girl hard in the arse, holding on to her hips and pumping for all he was worth. Clearly he wasn't interested in her pleasure - but that wasn't a problem. Being a truly submissive escort, Paula simply took the long cock obediently. As she sensed that he was close to orgasm, she spoke:'Please sir, fill me up. Fill me up with your cum,' John did so, the hot, sticky juice squirting inside the condom he had put on. 'Thank you, sir,' said the London Escort Paula. 'Thank you very much.'In many ways, the sexy escort was like a waitress herself - she just loved giving a good service. As do All Sure Delights London Escorts.


Hi my name is Dee, and I am a Sure Delights London Escort. I wanted to share with you some of my favourite encounters with clients.

My friend Angel (who is also a London Escort with Sure Delights) and myself, went to see a lovely gentleman named Josh. When he opened the door to his fancy country house, he greeted us with a very happy smile, quickly put a glass of champagne in each of our hands, and I warmed to him straight away.

Josh seemed very excited and full of beans, almost like he had a secret he was bursting to get out, and I knew instantly he had some serious fun and kinky fetishes in for us all when he blurted out the question: !So are you hungry at all!

London Escort Angel and I assured him we were, and to be truthful I was feeling rather ravenous, for everything that was on offer! Josh led the way into a brightly lit dining room with a HUGE table in it that was simply covered with food. By food, I mean desserts of every kind imaginable.

There were giant jugs of pouring cream and melted chocolate, a massive chocolate fudge cake loaded with fondant that looked soft and gloopy, trays of fruit jellies, bananas, strawberries, yoghurt, treacle, carrot cake, cherries, a brandy trifle (I found the brandy part out later), bowls of hundreds and thousands, tubes of squirty cream and yet more cake, sponge fingers, custard, and did I mention cake!!!! It was all laid out beautifully on a pristine white tablecloth, in sparkling silver and glass dishes, and there were candles dotted around the room adding happy romance. I could see Josh had really put his all into his fantasy, and I did not want to disappoint him. London Escort Angel slid her hand into mine and whispered !is that all for us!

Josh sat down on a chair near the table, and told us his wonderful fantasy, getting more excited and breathless by the second. Basically, he had dreamed all his life, after being told as a child that sweet food was bad for you and subsequently denied this luxury, of combining his two favourite naughty delights. He wanted beautiful women, covered in the forbidden food, playing with it and getting it all over their naked skin, in their hair, in all the places where food doesn!t normally go, setting free of all abandon and enjoying a passionate threesome with the pleasures previously excluded to him.

This sounded like a fantastic idea and I could see London Escort Angel!s eyes light up when she realised what we were going to do. This seemed like a good time to get undressed, so I took the lead by stripping down to my black silk stockings and nothing else. Angel followed suit, peeling off her red dress to reveal a pale blue baby-doll teddy which complimented her blonde hair and peachy skin. Josh!s eyes twinkled, and he told us our clothes would probably get messed up, so it might be a good idea to remove them all. I laughed, he was so cheeky. I walked over to the table and looked at all the goodies it held, there really was so much there I didn!t know where to start. I tentatively dipped my finger into the whipped cream on top of the trifle and then licked my finger, letting the sweet cream dissolve on my tongue. Josh and Angel both raised their eyebrows at the same time, and I knew I had to go deeper.

I sank my whole hand into the trifle, feeling the cold layers squelch around my fingers. It was strangely erotic and satisfying, so I grabbed a handful and threw it at London Escort Angel! She was shocked, and slightly furious, and quickly joined me by grabbing a big chunk of chocolate cake and squashing it into my breasts. That did it, we both decided at the same time that this was going to be one hell of a food fight. Grabbing Josh by the hand, Angel and I pulled him from the stool where he was wriggling in excitement, and over to the table. We both pulled his boxers to the floor and his hard cock sprang up, already aroused beyond belief. I let some chocolate sauce dribble all over it, getting it all down his stomach and legs in the process, then Angel and I both dropped to our knees to tease him and lick it off.

It was too much for Josh, he couldn!t contain his excitement any longer, and his cum soon joined the sticky syrup running down his legs. Now it was our turn. With so many goodies to choose from I just wanted to get covered in them and as messy and rude as possible.

London Escort Angel and I pushed some bowls aside to make a space, and I climbed onto the table and laid down on my back. Angel knelt astride me and started piling the cream and hundreds and thousands all over me, rubbing them into my skin, my neck, my thighs and stomach, then sweetly kissing me all over and eating them off. When I eventually resembled a cake topping, she started gouging out handfuls of cake and mashing them into my skin, going lower and lower, until I felt sauce trickle down my pussy. I couldn!t take any more, so I pushed her head between my legs and she sucked and licked me until my back arched and I was ready to come.

It was too soon. Abruptly I pushed her off before I could reach my peak, and laid her down instead so I could return the favour. With my fingers covered in treacle, slowly pushing in and out of her tight pussy, I!d never tasted such sweetness. I wanted her right now. She was about to protest so I silenced her by placing a few strawberries into her lip-sticked mouth and then kissing her roughly at the corners so I could taste the juices. I started piling cake and cream and more strawberries onto her tight stomach, then laid on top of her so the mess of desserts got squashed and slippery between us. We were kissing and moving our bodies sliding on top of one another, our hands everywhere, and her thigh pushed right up against my clitoris. The sensation of all the sponge cake and slippery sauces and juices sandwiched in between us was so delicious it!s one I!ll never forget. Not to mention the beautiful scent of so many delights all at once! I beckoned Josh over and he started playing with us both with his hands, until I came suddenly and hard on his probing fingers.

Climbing gently off Angel, I reached into my bag for a condom and rolled it expertly onto Josh!s cock, now stunningly hard and expectant again. He took his place kneeling on the table, thrust deeply into Angel!s sweet pussy and she squealed in pleasure. Josh pushed harder and deeper and faster into her, and she pulled him even closer by wrapping her legs around his back. I dabbed my fingers in the cream and rubbed Josh!s balls with them so they were slippery. I felt them tense under my fingers and Angel moaned happily, and Josh came for the second time.

When we had all recovered ourselves and assessed our appearance in the big dining room mirror, there was food everywhere, in our hair and covering pretty much every part of naked skin available. Josh said he had a wet room so we went to get cleaned up, and he patted my backside playfully on the way.

Filling the room up with steam, it was a large enough shower for all three, with jets that came out of the wall as well as the head. As Sure Delights Escort Angel and I both got soapy and wet together, Josh left the room and returned immediately with a pink rampant rabbit vibrator. Oh he was the best! Angel turned to face the wall, pressing her breasts against the cold shower tiles, and Josh started to tease her with it, not going inside her at all, until she was so frustrated she reached down to take it herself and relieve all her frustration.

While London Escort Angel pleasured herself with my favourite toy in the whole wide world, Josh brandished another pulsing erection, and another condom. Sliding it on, he pushed me facing against the shower tiles too and entered me from behind. And we got hotter, and steamier, and faster, until I could hear that Angel had upped the little toy!s buttons as much as they could go, and Josh was screwing me as hard as he could. I had the added pleasure of one of the wall jets being strategically placed just where my legs met, so it tingled on me perfectly while I was pounded from behind. We were as clean and as dirty as we could all possibly be by the time we were finished!

Josh put the icing on the cake, quite literally, when we discovered he had already laid out all fresh clean warm towels for both of us. His thoughtfulness and planning for our time together was second to none. And that!s just one of the reasons why as a Sure Delights London Escort, it is one of my favourite experiences with a client!

The naughtiest and wildest London Escorts have a similar passion in common with their favourite clients. The soft skin, the sweet scent, the rounded curves of a tight pair of breasts, and the warm downy place between the legs of a sensual woman, are all a desire not only coveted by men but by the most beautiful and playful London Escorts alike.

Sure Delights London Escort Christina loves to play with women. And with a hot body, long legs and delicious round bottom, the women love to play with her too. Christina was remembering her favourite encounter with a passionate couple who loved nothing more than a perfect stranger to join in their fun.

Their names were Marcus and Laura, and Christina was expecting nothing out of the ordinary but simple no-strings fun for an hour or two, when she made her way into their quiet two-bedroom apartment, her stockinged legs and platform heels clicking delightfully up the hardwood stairs.

The bedroom did not disappoint. It was furnished mutedly with soft beige carpet and a fluffy and inviting looking white rug in the centre of the room. Whilst Marcus poured Christina a large glass of wine, Laura started stroking her thigh and ran her painted fingernails all the way from the ankle upwards until she reached her black lace panties. Christina shuddered and quickly suggested they should all be topless and right away. As Laura took off her pink sweater, Christina could only gasp at the huge double D's facing her barely concealed in their pink peephole bra, and she felt the urge to bury her hands and face in them and feel much as she could take.

"May I!" Christina managed to squeak out, and Laura nodded. Marcus only gave a little smile to himself. He was used to this kind of reaction to his girlfriend's fabulous boobs. Marcus quickly undressed and his excitement was easily apparent when his swollen meaty cock sprung to life. Eager to join in the fun, Marcus pushed Christina's legs gently open and thrust his tongue softly into her while Laura laughed at his impatience. Without anyone consciously realising it, the threesome moved wordlessly to the white rug and tangled together in a hot restless pile on the floor, touching, sucking, and licking every part of skin spare and uncovered. The heat rose along with Laura's breath, now coming in ragged gasps as both Christina and Marcus fell hungrily on her clean shaven pussy, savouring the sweet smell and taste as Laura squirmed underneath. Before long the rise and fall of her thighs shuddering uncontrollably signalled a heart-pounding orgasm and Laura pleaded for mercy.

With Laura seemingly spent, Christina took a large gulp of wine, as Marcus led her by the hand to the room next door. It was bare except for a black chair, and some blue silk rope lying conspicuously on the floor. Marcus sat on the chair and ordered Christina to tie him to it, bound at the legs and wrists. Christina dutifully obliged, intrigued and excited, as she loved to tease. Laura strode in, with the sweat still showing on her cleavage, and suddenly gripped his face hard in her hands and kissed him full on the mouth.

''You can't touch, you're our plaything now.'' Laura pulled Christina to her in an embrace and pulled her pert bum cheeks apart so Marcus could see. He grinned, playing along with the game. Marcus knew they'd both be desperate for his cock by now. Laura and Christina both bent over the chair in Marcus' lap and teased his thighs and aching balls, leaving them wet with their kisses. Marcus groaned longingly and Laura felt a pang of pity for her beloved. Laura kicked her legs apart and stood astride him, then lowered ever so slowly onto him, filling her pussy up so completely it was impossible not to push down the whole way. Christina leant over the back of the chair to kiss Laura sweetly above Marcus' head, now thrown back with his eyes closed.

Laura thrusted and wriggled and writhed until she felt the tell-tale signs of his cum rising, and then abruptly climbed off his cock and gripped it tight at the base to stop it reaching it's peak. Christina knew it was her turn, and she couldn't wait, as it meant the cum was going to be hers for sure. Christina rolled on a condom with a smooth practised hand and slid him quickly and roughly into her. She was too worked up to wait, and this excited Laura who was rubbing her pussy and watching, unable to tear her eyes from the wonderful sight of the lovers' enjoyment. All too soon, Christina felt her own orgasm bubbling up and she threw her whole body into it, rocking back and forth as Marcus' body went rigid and taut with restraint and exertion. They both came together, and the relief was tangible.

As Christina kissed them both politely goodbye, she caught a glimpse of a photo beside the door. It showed the happy couple, and a pretty blonde smiling in the middle. Laura winked, and Christina knew she was the lucky Sure Delights Escort who would be seeing them again in the near future.

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